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Typical Sailing Ship
Records of Emigrants from England and Scotland to North Carolina 1774-1775
Edited by A. R. Newsome
From North Carolina Historical Review
January and April 1934
Please let me know if you find a passenger that is an ancestor of yours. Thanks, Harold A Ralston.

"Port Greenock List of Passengers from this Port from the 8th September 1774 inclusive, to the 15th September 1774 Exclusive, [in the Diana, Dugald Ruven for North Carolina]."
"The information in the order given is classified in the original report under headings; names, former residence, occupation or employment, age, to what port or place bound, on what account and for what purpose."

   Signed {Jo Clerk D Collr
      {Alexr. Campbell D Comptr
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The following comments were received from a descendant of passenger McMurchy.
Our information comes from the Murphy family Bible, confirmed by a letter written by Patrick's grandson Patrick II as published in the volume Williams and Murphy Records, ISBN: 0832827622. We have cited another well-source among genealogists:
Cameron, Viola Root, Emigrants from Scotland to America, 1774-1775, ISBN: 9780806300665. (Copied from a loose bundle of Treasury papers in the Public Record Office, London, England. Compiled and indexed in the London office of Viola Root Cameron. Baltimore, Genealogical Pub. Co., 1965.) Transcribed from old Treasury Papers in the Public Record Office in London, this work lists some 2,000 persons by age, station, occupation, residence in Scotland, destination in America, and reasons for emigrating.
Our information is a follows:
They immigrated to Wilmington, North Carolina, America, aboard the ship Diana, Dugal Ruthven, Port Greenock, September 1774
Among the list of emigrants were: Patrick MCMURCHIE, Kintyre, 54, his wife Elizabeth KELSO, 50, their children, Hugh 22, Archibald, 21, Mary 12, Elizabeth 14, Robert 9, and daughter, Margaret, born on board ship.
You will find that the age for Patrick (and for several of his children) is not in agreement with our records. Patrick was born in 1720, Elizabeth in 1724, Hugh in 1752, Archibald in 1753, Elizabeth in 1760, Mary in 1762, Robert (from whom I am descended) in 1765.
The information for Patrick's brother Finla and his family is: Finla MCMURCHIE Kintyre, 46, his wife, Catherine HENDRY (HENRY), 34, their children: Archibald 12, Elizabeth 8, Charles 5, Neil 4, Barbara 6 months.
N. Williams Chadwick, Winston-Salem, NC

I am a descendant of Gilbert McKenzie who came from Kintyre in 1774 to Wilmington, DE aboard the ship the Diana. One thing to note from your website...his wife's name was Margaret, and I believe you have her listed as Mary. I can give you proof of this through several genealogy books I have from Benton Co. Tennessee.
If you have anyone who has any information going further back than Gilbert or Margaret McKenzie, I would be of great interest.
Thank you, Christa Holland Zoeteman, Oro Valley, AZ

I am also a descendent of Gilbert McKenzie (1738-1815), my 4th Great Grandfather, and his wife was indeed "Margaret" (1747 - ?) and not "Mary". Pretty sure her maiden name was McGrigore.
My daughter, Diana, got a kick out of the voyage of 1774, as she was conceived in late 1974, 200 yrs later.
Jerry W. (Osborne) Smith--mother's maiden name, McKenzie jerrysmithk12[at] Reside in Florida, but born in Jackson, Tenn