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Ship Name Class Master Tonnage Where Built When Built Owner Trade
Active sloop J McDougall 29 Islay 1818 A McDougall coasting
Alert brig R Colvill 108 Anstruther 1803 Wm Watson foreign
Alexander sloop M McMillan 16 Gourock 1805 Arch'd Armour coasting
Ann sloop A Reid 41 Campbeltown 1800 A Ralston coasting
Ann and Elizabeth smack R Shearer 45 - 1815 W Watson coasting
Ardmore sloop W Mckinnon 21 Islay 1814 W Mckinnon coasting
Bella sloop D McMillan 67 A Prize -- W & J Harvey coasting
Brothers sloop D McCoag 46 Greenock 1802 John McFarlane coasting
Brothers sloop P McMath 25 Campbeltown 1819 R & C Colvill coasting
Brothers smack A Taylor 16 Skipness 1809 J & A Taylor coasting
Caledonia sloop D McTaggart 44 Plymouth 1808 D McTaggart coasting
Caledonia brig J Watson 131 Arbroath 1812 W Watson foreign
Campbeltown brig W Colvill 48 Campbeltown 1793 W Watson coasting
Dan sloop M Fleeming 53 Kincardine 1779 A Ralston coasting
Diamond sloop L McDougall 59 Pt Glasgow 1766 Peter Stewart coasting
Dolphin sloop D Ballantine 60 - 1765 S Kilpatrick coasting
Eleanora sloop A Duncan 50 Pt Glasgow 1786 Andrew Ralston coasting
Emperor Alexander smack M Wallace 27 Whitehaven 1814 John Co1vi11 coasting
Endeavour sloop D Campbell 28 Campbeltown 1800 Andrew Ralston coasting
Eugenia smack A McMillan 15 Tarbert 1818 Arch'd McMillan coasting
Glencairn sloop D Colvill 44 Islay 1805 Hill & Campbell coasting
Good Interest sloop J McFarlane 20 Greenock 1802 J McFarlane coasting
Grace sloop J Jamieson 52 Greenock 1812 C McKinlay coasting
Harmony sloop A Colvill 60 Campbeltown 1817 R & C Colvill coasting
Helen smack J Campbell 15 Greenock 1810 John Campbell coasting
Helen. sloop A Mclarty 25 Campbeltown 1814 Malcolm McNeil coasting
Helen sloop D Mathieson 29 A Prize -- D McTaggart coasting
Jane brig A Colvill 169 King's Lynn 1799 Nath McNair foreign
Jannet sloop T Blackstock 26 Campbeltown 1812 R & C Colvill coasting
Jean sloop A McMath 28 Gourock 1819 Arch'd Colvill coasting
Jean sloop A McMillan 54 Ft William 1814 Harvey & Hope coasting
Jean smack N Smith 22 Campbeltown 1817 Neil Smith coasting
John sloop J Clark 57 A Prize -- Wm Harvey coasting
John & Nancy smack D Taylor 26 Isle of Man 1800 Jas Taylor coasting
Isabella sloop J Ryburn 48 Dumbarton 1802 John Gillies coasting
Kitty sloop J Brown 17 Bally---- 1799 John Brown coasting
Kitty sloop J Johnston 22 Islay 1817 A Johnston coasting
Kitty sloop J McDonald 17 Fairlie 1816 John McTaggart coasting
Lady Endergally sloop W Ryburn 34 Eyemouth 1803 Wm Watson coasting
Liberty sloop J McLachlan 41 Brixham 1808 John McCalman coasting
Lilly sloop L McNeill 27 Islay 1813 Lachlan McNeill coasting
Margaret sloop J McEachran 25 Campbeltown 1814- Malcolm McNeil coasting
Margaret brig D McGill 133 Bo'ness 1800 D Campbell foreign
Margaret brig R McMillan 128 Bo'ness 1803 Wm Watson foreign
Margaret & Ann smack J McIndeor 18 Islay 1817 John McIndeor coasting
Marion sloop J Harvie 36 Maryport 1804 W Armour coasting
Martin cutter A McMillan 37 Brixham 1795 John McNeill coasting
Mary sloop R Ferguson 39 Bowling 1792 A Ralston coasting
Mary sloop D McNair 16 Larne 1800 Sw. McQuillian coasting
Mary Ann smack D McMillan 15 Jura 1815 A McDonald coasting
Mayflower sloop D Cameron 33 Campbeltown 1818 Peter Stewart coasting
Nelly & Margaret sloop J Ferguson 30 Bo' ness 1804 R & C Colvill coasting
Peggy smack J Black 16 Islay 1803 Robt Livingston coasting
Peggy sloop J Langwill 36 Greenock 1790 Harvey & Hope coasting
Peggy sloop J McDougall 15 Islay 1816 J McDougall coasting
Sally sloop A Sinclair 16 Gourock 1816 Sinclair & McMillan coasting
Seaton sloop R Shearer 4-2 Leith 1807 Arch'd Colvill coasting
Speedwell sloop A Smith 21 Ardyne 1802 J Dunlop coasting
Swallow sloop A McNeil 26 Colonsay 1812 John McNeil coasting
Trial Packet sloop L McIsaac 67 Berwick 1800 Harvey & Hope coasting

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It organises monthly lectures in Campbeltown - from October to April, annually - and has published its journal, 'The Kintyre Magazine', twice a year since 1977, in addition to a range of books on diverse subjects relating to Kintyre.

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