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U.S. Mail Steamer, "New York", June 6, 1914, Southampton to New York via Cherbourg

(A Passenger list provided by Jana Black)

On June 6, 1914, my grandmother, Rose Lily Colsell, aged 17, embarked upon the U.S. Mail Steamer, "New York," of the American Line leaving from Southampton to New York via Cherbourg. For her, this was to be a summer trip with her employers back to their home in Washington State. He was Mr. Ben Allen, the American Ambassador to Great Britain. My grandmother was Nanny to the family's two young sons. By the end of the summer, Ben Allen was told that war appeared eminent in Europe and that he was not to return. Although, my grandmother was only in this country on a temporary visa as an employee to this diplomatic family, it was decided that she would be safer remaining with them in the United States.

They took up residence at the family's summer home in Woodland, California. Later my grandmother took a job working in the Tuberculosis Sanitorium there. In 1918, she met and married my grandfather. All of her brothers were lost in the Great War and her only sister left an abusive husband and disappeared, never to be heard from again. My grandmother never returned to Great Britain. She kept, and so have I, a copy of the List of Passengers. My grandmother is merely listed as maid. Jana Black (See "Allen, Mrs. and Maid")

(The following information is contributed by a son of passenger, Ben S. Allen)
"It's not important to the contrbutor's point, but in re the passenger list for the New York, June 1914, my father was by no means the American Ambassador to Great Britain. He was a correspondent in London for the Associated Press, on brief leave just before World War I broke out, and he and mother and their two little boys (my oldest brothers) returned to London and were there until the United States entered the war. Dad then returned to the United States to serve under Herbert Hoover in the United States Food Administration. Nor was their home in Washington State. Woodland was as much their United States home as any other place at that time. My mother's unpublished memoirs do confirm that the contributor's grandmother stayed on in California." William H. Allen, December 24, 2000.


American Line United States Mail Steamer "New York"
Aberman, Mr. David
Allen, Miss Maude
Allen, Mr. Ben S. email a son of this passenger
Allen, Mrs. And Maid (Rose Lily Colsell) email a descendant of Maid
Allen, Master Shannon
Allen, Mr. John F.
Baker, Mr. John
Baker, Mrs.
Barrat, Mrs.
Barsa, Miss S.
Beaumont, Mrs. Marguerite
Bergin, Mr. Julius L.
Biggs, Mrs. Daisy
Biggs, Miss Gladys
Black, Mr. C.
Black, Mrs.
Bowen, Mr. David R. 
Bowen, Mr. William
Bowker, Mr. F.W.
Bowker, Mrs.
Brinton, Miss Sarah
Brown, Mrs. H.B.
Brown, Mrs. Estelle
Brown, Master William C.
Buck, Miss Evelyn
Buck, Miss Winifred
Burrows, Mr. William
Bush, Mr. Thomas A.
Cano, Mr. J.M.
Carncross, Miss Flora M.
Carteret, Mr. George
Clark, Rev. Francis E.
Cook, Mr. John E.
Cohen, Mrs. Meyer
Coleman, Mrs. Fanny L.
Coleman, Miss Doreen
Coleman, Master Eric
Dann, Miss Charlotte M.
Davies, Mr. Thomas
Derrom, Miss J.L.
Dinsmore, Miss Annie
Ely, Miss Anna
Emslie, Mr. Allan G.
Engle, Mrs. F.
Fox, Mr. W.L.
Fox, Miss E.R.
Field, Mr. Edward S.
French, Mrs. Rose M.
Gandson, Mrs. Marina
Gandson, Miss Victoria D.
Gibbs, Mr. A.F.
Grant, Mr. William
Gyde, Miss Isabel
Hamilton, Mr. Presley A.
Hendry, Mrs. M. Winter
Henry, Mr. A.F.
Henry, Mrs.
Hinton, Mrs. Emma
Hinton, Master Arthur
Hoppe, Mr. Gay
Hoppe, Mrs. Adele
Howell, Mr. Roy
Howell, Mrs. Ruland
Hurcum, Miss Josephine M.
Iorio, Mr. Fortunate
Iorio, Miss Bertha
Iorio, Miss Irene
Janny, Mr. J. Elliott
Jelbert, Miss Eliza A.
Jolley, Mr. Fred
Jolley, Mrs. Mary E.
Jones, Mrs. C.C.
Kelly, Mr. Peter
Kelly, Mrs.
Kerbey, Mr. H.
Kerbey, Mrs.
Kevern, Mr. John
Lane, Mrs. Elmer B.
Langdana, Mrs. Aima
Langdana, Master N.
Lee, Miss Alice
Levin, Mr. Erik
McClenahan, Mr. W. 
McCoole, Miss K.
Martin, Mr. C.J.
Martin, Mrs.
Matthews, Mr. P.B.
Miller, Miss Nellie
Miller, Mr. Arthur S.
Minsky, Mrs. Fanny
Moore, Mr. Henry B.
Moore, Mrs.
Muir, Miss Winifred
Nilsen, Mr. T.T.
Patterson, Mrs. Dora
Parker, Mr. Roswell C.
Parker, Mrs. Marjorie E.
Parotik, Mrs. Scheine I.
Perry, Miss Frances
Philpott, Miss L.M.
Philpott, Mr.A.J.
Pinkham, Mr. W.C.H.
Pinkham, Mr. V.E.
Rice, Miss E.V.
Richards, Mrs. Ada G.
Ridyard, Mrs. Mary
Rogers, Miss W.M.
Rosenberg, Mr. Earl
Rosenberg, Mrs. Blanche
Rosenberg, Miss Flan
Rowe, Mrs. Thomazine
Sage, Mr. Harry W.
Seaborne, Mr. Charles
Siefert, Mrs. Caroline
Sleap, Mr. Chas. Wm.
Smith, Mr. Bernard E.
Spenser, Miss G.
Spenser, Miss S.
Stansfield, Miss
Stephan, Mr. W. Ray
Stewart, Miss Agnes
Straties, Mr. Gust
Tevis, Mrs. S.S.
Theothoropoulos, Mr. Dimitrios
Theothoropoulos, Mrs. Vassiliki
Theothoropoulos, Master Antonios
Thompson, Rev. E.A.
Thompson, Mrs.
Thompson, Mr. Jas. H.
Tutton, Mr. Isaac
Warren, Miss Ethel
Whatford, Miss Ivy
Wise, Mrs. Mary A.
Wilson, Mr. Frederick
Wilkinson, Mrs. Anna
Woodburn, Dr. W.E.
Woodburn, Mrs.
Mr. G. Payne
Mr. H. Wright
Mr. A. Dockrey
Mr. A.O. Angel
Mr. Watson
British:         American:
Mr. Robert J. Robson     Mr. James T. Davis
Mr. Fred G. Sawyer      Mr. James E. Parks

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