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Saddell Place Names
with National Grid Reference


Place Name Grid Ref.
A'Chruach The heap, pile; peat?stack or hay?stack NR762318
Allt Criche The Boundary stream NR797344
Allt na Beiste The stream of the beast NR783292
AIlt na Gamhnaich (Gavnach) The stirks' stream NR773335
Allt na Teangaidh Moire The stream of the big tongue NR775315
Allt nam Manach The monks' stream NR788321
Allt Thormaid Tormod's stream (N. "Thorr + mudr"?Thorr's wrath) NR775332
An Struthlag (Strulag) The small stream NR800326
Bealach na' Marbh The pass of the dead NR786322
Beinn an Tuirc The mountain of the boar NR752362
Bord Mór The big table (plateau) NR753339
Braid Hill The gully hill NR737340
Bunlarie (Bun lárach) The foot of the ruin NR785307
Cnoc a' Mhadaidh (Crockavaddy) The hill of the dog NR764345
Cnoc na Caillich The hill of the old woman NR779342
Cnocan a'Bhuachaill The shepherd's hill NR795328
Creag an Fhithich (Craiganfeach) The raven's crag NR763353
Creag Creamha The crows' crag  
Creag Thormaid (Craigcórmad) Tormod's cliff NR775328
Creagan Rainich The bracken hill NR789347
Crockineach (Cnoc na riabhach) The hill of the brindled field (now the farm of Lephinmore) NR786326
Cuil na Sithe (Cul na Shee) The peaceful nook; fairy dell A Landmark Trust property NR789312
Greenhill Now a craft shop NR795346
Guesdale Water (N. Gas + dal) The goose valley NR768338
Home Farm (formerly The Kennels) NR786323
Ifferdale (N. yfir + dal) The upper valley NR771339
Lephincorrach (Leth?pheighinn corrach) The steep halfpenny land NR789359
Lephinmore (Leth?pheighinn m6r) The big halfpenny land NR785326
Miller's Park The field behind Saddell village. The ruins of the mill are across the main road from the village NR785322
Pluck Point Possibly the point where small herring were "plucked" from nets NR798317
Pluck Wood (G. pluc) Possibly sheep?rot wood NR798320
Port na Cuthaig (Portnacook) The port of the cuckoo NR790312
Port na Gael The port of the Gael NR795318
Port nan Gall The port of the strangers (or lowlanders) NR799318
Rubha nan Sgarbh (Roo'a?nan?skarv, N. Skarfr) The point of the cormorants (locally "scarts") NR800340
Saddell (N. sandr + dal) Sandy valley NR785322
Saddell Castle A Landmark Trust property NR785315
Saddell House A private house, built in 1774 NR791318
Saddell Lodge House occupied by a caretaker for The Landmark Trust NR786320
Shore Cottage A Landmark Trust property NR789314
Teangadh Mhór The big tongue (of land between two ravines) NR778320
Torrisdale Thorr's valley NR793362
Ugadale (N. ugla + dal) The valley of the owl NR780287
Whitestone probably translation of G. "carraig bhan" NR794339
Whitestone Dun Iron Age fortlet dating from 20OBC- 200AD NR797340

Saddell - A Guide for Visitors,
By Norman S. Newton,
1988, Michael Press, Glasgow.

You can find an explanation to the Ordnance Survey Grid at their web page. The National Grid.

"Place names

These names have been taken from modern Ordnance Survey maps (1:10000 and 1:50000), from the OS "County" maps surveyed in the 1860s and republished with corrections in the 1920s (1:10560), and from a manuscript map of Saddell Estate in 1784.

Wherever possible, the Gaelic (G) or Norse (N) meaning has been supplied: these derivations are sometimes rather dubious, especially where the spelling of a name has been corrupted, and further suggestions would be most welcome! With difficult Gaelic names, an attempt has been made to indicate the correct pronunciation.

This list represents only a fraction of the place-names which once existed and are now, regrettably, lost. At one time every field, rock and rivulet would have had its own Gaelic name.

National Grid References (NGR) have been supplied: all should be prefixed with the letters NR. In the case of rivers and streams, the NGRindicates where the stream joins the sea, or a larger river."
The Author