Jacob BENEDICT was born on 23 Apr. 1779 in Nassau, Rensselaer, NY, first child of Enoch Benedict and Hannah Bouton. He died on 27 Mar. 1855 in Perinton, Monroe, NY.
Jacob BENEDICT and Rhoda BEEBE were married on 17 Oct. 1811. Rhoda BEEBE (daughter of Lewis BEEBE Rev. Dr.) was born on 24 Jan. 1788. She died on 26 Jan. 1832 in possibly Perrinton.


Jacob BENEDICT and Rhoda BEEBE had the following children:1
  1. Hannah (AKA Susannah) BENEDICT was born on 21 Jul. 1812 in Nassau, Rensselaer, NY. She died on 4 Oct. 1893 in Roscoe, Winnebago Co., IL.
  2. Cornelia BENEDICT was born on 4 Jan. 1814. She died near Yankton, SD. She was married to Isaac Coles of Rockton, Ill.
  3. John BENEDICT was born on 23 Jan. 1818 in Perinton, Monroe, NY. Living at R. D. #30 , Beloit, Wisc,, he died in 1880.
    (160 acre Land Patent Section 36, Sharon Road)
    (John Benedict House)
  4. Mariam Elizabeth BENEDICT was born on 15 Mar. 1816, she married Nelson Tiffany of Roscoe, Ill.
  5. Enoch BENEDICT was born on 13 Aug. 1824. He died on 15 Nov. 1847 in Puebla (soldier in Mexican war).(1843 Teacher Certificate)
  6. Julia Ann BENEDICT was born on 20 Nov. 1825. She died on 15 May 1858.
  7. Caroline BENEDICT was born on 6 Aug. 1819. She died on 30 Sep. 1820.
  8. James BENEDICT was born on 4 Mar. 1828. He died on 19 Mar. 1889 in Clinton Junction, Wis. He married Abby Linnell.
  9. Lewis Edward BENEDICT I was born on 21 Jan. 1832 in Perinton, Monroe, NY. He was marrrid to Louisa Denison and he died on 15 Aug. 1891 in Fairport, Monroe Co., NY.

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