Alexander McMichael was born about 1742 in Northern Ireland and died about 1850 at Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania.

He married in Olde Swede Church, Philadelphia, 1766 to Martha Johnson who died in 1811, at Northumberland. Their Pennsylvania Marriage License was dated 9 September 1766. Alex was blind for 20 years before his death at the age of 108 years.

"Alexander McMichael came to America from the north of Ireland but the date of his coming is not known. It seems probable that a Trader's License granted September 17, 1763 to an Alexander McMichael was granted to him. An old account book in the hands of one member of the family shows that he was a landowner and a storekeeper in the vicinity of Philadelphia. An old deed given by Alexander and Martha McMichael under date of November 7, 1811, disposes of 285 acres of land in Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania.

"In the Philadelphia Soldiers appears the name of Alexander McMichael. As the name does not appear in other records of that time except in connection with items that have been definitely related to his activities it seems very probable that the soldier listed is him.

"The 1790 census of Berks Co., Hereford Twp., Penn. lists Alexander McMichael as a store keeper with eight children- 3 boys and 5 girls... Both John and Marmaduke served in the War of 1812, John as a Captain and Marmaduke as a Lieutenant.

"The records also show that Mary McAffee McMichael, wife of John had a brother, James McAffee, who married a Martha McMichael. Undoubtedly this Martha was a sister of John and one of the five girls of the 1790 census. This same record says that James and Mary McAffee's father, James McAffee, was a member of the Continental Army. There is also some evidence that the third son of Alexander was named David who married Martha McCarty of the Lancaster Family and was the father of sons named Alexander and Marmaduke. Alexander McMichael is said to have been 108 years of age at the time of his death."

Alexander McMichael served as Private 6th. Class, 4th. Company, Associators and Militia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania in the Revolutionary War. "Alexander McMichael, Private Sixth Class, 4th. Company, 4th. Battalion of Philadelphia County, Muster Rolls Associators and Militia". "A Roll of the 1st. Company and 3rd. Battalion in Mugungy Township, Northampton County by Col. Trexler in the Year 1785; Militia Rolls 1783-1790."

He paid Supply Tax in New Hanover Twp., Philadelphia, 1780 & 1781. His name appears twice in "Pennsylvania Archives" under "Effective Supply Tax, County of Philadelphia, New Hanover Township; in £100". Valuation Tax 1781 Alexander McMichael, Dealer: 51 £13.0 for Samuel Bardlet's est.: 100 £1.5.6 1780 McMichael, Alexander: 750 £16.17.6 for Samuel Bartel's estate: 90 £20.5.0

"Transcript of the Provincial Tax, County of Philadelphia, 1774, Frankford and New Hanover Townships." Alexander McMichael, 1 horse, 1 cattle, tax £1.0.0.

"County of Philadelphia State Tax-1779 Frankford and new Hanover Twp." Alexander McMichael £1.15.0.

"County of Philadelphia Federal Tax 1783, Upper Dublin Twp.", Alex'r. McMichael, 1 horse, 1 cattle.

"Federal Tax for the County of Northampton-1785, Macungie Twp.", McMich'l, Alex'r, 2 horses, 1 cattle, tax £0.8.0.

"Federal Tax for Co. of Northampton-1786, Macungie Twp." McMichael, Elexander, shop keeper, 1 horses, 2 cattle, tax £0.10.0.

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