Muncy,PA History1
"Muncy Manor, it will be remembered, was ordered surveyed and laid out by John Penn in 1769, and held as a reserve in accordance with the policy of the Proprietaries. But when the Proprietary interest ceased, it was cut up and sold. About 1787, four brothers, Silas, William, and Benjamin and Isaac McCarty, came here from Bucks County. they were of Quaker extraction. William and Benjamin bought 300 acres known as the 'John Brady Farm', and divided it, William taking the portion between what is now West Water Street and the southern boundry. Main Street now represents what was then boundry between the Brady farm and Isaac Walton's. William built a temporary home between the site of Fort Brady and Muncy Creek. Benjamin built a house on his tract, where he lived until 1810. In 1797, ten years after coming to Muncy, Benjamin McCarty conceived the idea of starting a town, and he commenced laying out lots on what is now Main Street, and sold them to different parties. His example was followed by his brother William, north of Water Street, and by Isaac Walton. The town was named Pennsborough, in honor of the Penn's. the town grew slowly and was nothing but a straggling village for many years, better known as 'Hardscrabble', than as Pennsborough.... subsequently, by act of January 19, 1827, the name was changed from Pennsborough to Muncy. This was done because many persons thought it 'too flat and long' and the new name would be more in accordance with the historical associations of the place, and serve to perpetuate the name of the tribe (of Delaware Indians) that first dwelt there."1
1 History of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, John F. Meginness, editor, Chicago, 1892.
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