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Margaret L. Cross, daughter of Roscoe pioneer settlers, Robert J. Cross and Hannah Benedict, born in Roscoe, Winnebago Co., Ill., on 21 April 1839.1, 2 She died in 1918, at her daughter's home in Chicago, Ill.

She married James L. McAffee on 22 March 1866 in Roscoe.3

They had three children,

(1) Hannah J.,

(2) Julia Ellen, and

(3) James Caten.

The book "Sinnissippi Saga"4 shows her in a group picture on page 21. The same picture appears on page 48 of "The Picture Story of Roscoe".5

She died in Chicago 18 October 1918 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. P. W. Ralston after a week's illness with pneumonia. (Grave Marker view)

At the time, her other daughter Julia E. Worcester was also living in Chicago, and her son James C. McAffee was living in Beloit, Wisconsin. Her cousin, Mrs. Samuel Norton was living in Rockford, Ill.

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