"Sarah Carrell, the daughter of James CARRELL and Sarah DUNGAN, was born in Northampton Township, Bucks Co., PA, circa 1700."
She was married to Silas McCarty (son of John McCarty and Ann Harman) in 1722.

"Sarah Carrell married Silas McCarty, who was a Presbyterian, but he later affiliated himself with the Baptists. In his will he left one acre of ground to the New Britain Baptist Church, on which to erect a church building. This plot of ground is separated from his plantation near Quakertown, but only a few scattered tombstones and the foundation cavities remain to mark the site of the old church. His wife, Sarah Carrell McCarty, is buried in the graveyard of the New Britain Church, of which she was a member."
"5. SARAH CARRELL (2), (James 1), daughter of James and Sarah (Dungan) Carrell, was born in Northampton Township, Bucks County, circa 1700. She married, in 1722, Silas McCarty, born circa 1700, probably in Ireland.
The author of the Lancaster Family History suggests that the Pennsylvania McCartys are of the MacCarthy family which was dominant in Desmond (South Munster), Ireland, for the period when surnames were established down to the reign of Henry VIII. The surname being derived from Carthach, who was born 969 A. D., the name being variously modernized."(1)

Silas MCCARTY and Sarah CARRELL had ten children:

  • Carrell MCCARTY was born in 1723.
  • James MCCARTY was born in 1 November 1725.
  • Silas MCCARTY was born in 16 June 1727.
  • Benjamin MCCARTY (born on 5 August 1731).
  • Lydia MCCARTY was born1733
  • Elizabeth MCCARTY was born1735
  • Hannah MCCARTY was born 6 December 1737
  • William MCCARTY was born 29 December 1739
  • Thomas MCCARTY (born on 12 April 1741, died 9 October 1804).
  • Paul MCCARTY was born 29 April 1744

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