Peter Ralston Farm

History of West Lane Farm Ownership

(Hopefully, I have pieced this together correctly.)

Peter Ralston's first purchase was 80 acres from the federal government in April 1, 1845, Dixon, Illinois land office. (IL Township 45.0N Range 2.0E, West one half of South West quarter of Section 14 in Winnebago Co.Click Here to view BLM page)
This property is on the west side of Interstate 90 at West Lane Road.

On December 6th 1847 he bought 40 acres for $62.00 from Alfred and Elizabeth Wyman of the Town of Caledonia. The South West half of the North West quarter of Section 14 in Winnebago Co.
Alfred Wyman was issued a Land Patent by the federal government, Dixon, Illinois land office. Signed by a representative of President James K Polk and dated March 1st 1848.

April 9, 1852, he bought 120 acres for $535.00 from William and Jenette Patterson of Beloit, Wisconsin. North half of North West quarter of Section 14 (This property had been purchased by Hiram Shaw from the government May 1, 1843) and also the South West quarter of South West quarter of Section 11 (This had been purchased from the government by Joel Shaw, Sept. 1, 1849) of Winnebago County.

I remember the north 40 of this purchase as "Uncle John's Pasture". There was access to it from the Fox Farm road, now called Swanson Rd. Uncle John used it for summer livestock pasture. I think Dad pastured young stock there on occasion. It was a hillside sloping to the south. And later I remember it was plowed for corn planting.

PeterRalstonPurchase (245K)
1860 Harlem Township plat map showing Peter Ralston Land Purchases along West Lane Road.

1902TRalstonHarlem (172K)
1902 T Ralston Property on West Lane Road

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