Ship Names for Scot Immigrants.
Many to Argyle and Caledonia, Illinois
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Charlotte Harrison

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The Argyle Settlement In History And Story" a book by Daniel G. Harvey, printed first 1924 reprinted 1986 by Whipporwill Publications, lists a number of Scot immigrants and the name of the ship that brought them to America. See More books below.

The ship, the passengers, and page in his book.
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Marion 1839 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Giffen and 6 children, (Click on Giffen for descendant messages.)
James Picken and family
Robert Howie and his mother
Mrs. Janet Howie
Alexander McDonald and family
page 35
Brig Czar 1841 Mr. and Mrs. William Harvey and family, 3 sons and 4 daughters (9)
page 37
Br. Bark Gleaner, 1842 William Montgomery
James Montgomery and family, 3 sons and 4 daughters
John Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs Daniel Smith and family, 6 sons and 3 daughters and a sister's daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Neil McKay and family, 4 sons and 2 daughters
Mr. and Mrs. John Caldwell, his mother and mother-in-law, and his brother-in law David C Ralston
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Greenlee and family, 4 sons and 3 daughters and his mother
Archie McNair and family
Mr. and Mrs. David Andrew and family, 6 sons and 3 daughters
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Howie and 2 sons and 1 daughter
Mr. and Mrs. William Ralston and 2 sons and 5 daughters
Campbell Kelley
Angus Cummings
page 50
Br. Bark Gleaner, 1842 Peter Ralston and family of 6 sons and 3 daughters. They went to Marietta, Ohio near Cincinnati, Ohio remaining eight years before coming to Illinois in 1850. (This ship name seems to be an error, possibly was the TAY.) (9)
page 74
Br. Bark Gleaner, 1842 Agnes McKay (1)
page 78
Charlotte Harrison, 1850 Mr. and Mrs. John Ralston and 2 sons and 6 daughters
Mrs. Martha McDonald, 1 son and 2 daughters
Watson family of 5 sons and 2 daughters
Mrs Mitchell, being twice married, (Mrs. Armour)
Charles and Mary Armour of the first family,
John and Janet Mitchell of the second family
Duncan McDonald
William Reid
Mckerrell and McDonald families who were going to Canada
page 59
Charlotte Harrison, 1850 Robert and John Thompson, twin brothers, and Helen their sister (3)
page 77
Sarah, 1850 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenlee (Greenley?) and family, 5 sons and 5 daughters
Mrs. William Greenlee, 4 sons and 3 daughters
Miss Katherine Greenlees
James and John Kelley
Robert Kelley and his sister Agnes
Mathew Blair (Click on Blair to reach a probable descendant)
Neil McMichael(Click on McMichael to email a descendant.)
David Hogarth
Robert Maxwell
Dougal McDugal
William Ryburn
page 58
TAY, 1840 48, Peter Ralston, 47, male, taylor more information
49, Janet Ralston, 39, female, none
50, Marg't Ralston, 16, female, none
51, Thomas Ralston, 12, male, none more information
52,Charles Ralston, 9, male, none read some of his letters
53, Helen Ralston, 7, female, none
54, Janet Ralston, 5, female, none
55, Peter Ralston, 3, male, none more information
Not Listed
Albena 1854 The mother and rest of family, 2 sons and 3 daughters of John Thompson (6)
page 77
New York 1858 James Reid and family.
The steamer from Glasgow to New York on the first night out in a dense fog went on the rocks at the Mull of Kintyre, by means of ropes, all passengers were saved they walked across the hills to their old home again. They were not discouraged and tried once more. In mid ocean their ship was struck by another ship, doing some damage. They finally reached New York safely. Mr. Reid was a tailor by trade. He was the first janitor of the Willow Creek Church.
page 78
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Kintyre in the Seventeenth Century

Available from The Old Bookshelf, Campbeltown, Scotland: Andrew McKerral's 1948 book for those interested in the history and genealogy of Kintyre, Scotland. 160 pages of indexed reference material, and appendixes plus discussion of both Highland and Lowland surnames.
Ralston, Greenlee, Langwell, Huie, Ferguson, Hervie, Andrew, Brown, Breckenridge and more.
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Messages from Giffen descendants:

"The ship sailed on July 4, 1839 from Greenock, Scotland. James Picken & family were related to the Giffens (called Aunt & Uncle by the children), and Janet Howie was the grandmother to Andrew's children. Mrs. Picken died during the crossing and was buried at sea. The trip was "stormy" and apparently nearly went down several times. The ship landed Aug 26, 1839. It took the families 35 days to travel from New York to Chicago by rail, and boat. From Chicago, the travelers proceeded by wagon to Rockford, IL. This information comes from a letter written by William Giffen, son of Andrew. William married Margaret Harvey, daughter of William Harvey who came to Argyle in 1841." Joan Mershon

"This was a Huie or Howie migration. The Furgesons, McDonalds, Pickens, and Giffens had all married Huies. After their arrival Jane Huie Giffen was the first adult to pass away. She died in 1841 from the hardships of pioneering. When the McDonalds both died the aunts and uncles divided up the childeren and raised them as their own. " James Douglas Giffen