A Guide for visitors

by Norman S. Newton

This list of place names is from page 15 of the booklet published in 1989
Place Name Meaning
Aros (N. ar-os) river mouth
Backs (G. na bacan) (peat) banks
Ballivain (G. bail' a' mheadhoin) middle-township
Ballygreggan (G. bail' a' chreagain) rocky township
Ballygroggan (G. bail' a' chrogain) claw, paw township
Ballywilline (G. bail' a' mhuilinn) mill-township
Balnagleck (G. bail' na glaice) the small-valley township
Bealloch a pass
Chiscan (G. seasceann) boggy land
Cloehkeil (G. clach gheal) white stone
Craigs rocks
Dalivaddy (G. dail a' mhadaidh) the place of the wolf (or dog)
Darlochan (G. doire-Iochan) grove lochan
Drum ridge
Drumlemble the ridge of the elms
Durry (G. doire) a grove
Kilehenzie the cell of Cainneach (Kenneth)
Kilkivan the cell of Coivan (Kevin)
Killipole (Callyburn) (G. coille) wood-pool
Kilmaho the cell of Mochoe
Kilmichael St. Michael's cell
Knockhanty (G. Cnoc shean-tighe) the hill of the old house
Knoek Scalbert (G. Cnoc + N. Skalli bolstadr) the hill of Skalli's (Baldy's) homestead
Langa (N.) long water (river)
Largiemore (G. an leargach mhor) big hill-slope
Lossit (G. losaid) a kneading-trough
Machrihanish (G. machair + sanish) possibly noisy grazing-place (from the surf)
Moy (G. maigh) a plain
Oatfield (G. ach' a' chorca) field of the oats
Ranachan (G. raineachan) bracken
Strath (G. srath) a plain beside a river
Tirfergus the land of Fergus
Tonrioch (G. ton riabhach) brindled bottom-part
Torchoillean wood-hill
Trodigal (N. trodi-gill) sheep-pen ravine
Uisaed (N. Ulf-setr) (pronounced "ooset") Ulf's farm
While the Ordnance Survey "Landranger" series (Sheet 68, South Kintyre) at a scale of 1:50,000 (1¼ inches to 1 mile) is adequate for general orientation and route planning, for hill-walking and archaeological expedititions the OS "Pathfinder" maps (Sheets 466 & 478) are preferable.

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